Our Philosophy


The Management & Marketing Solutions Philosophy

Management and Marketing Solutions believes we are very different from many of the firms that comprise the consulting industry. Much of this is attributable to our background on the client-side, and the experiences we have garnered.

To be able to advise clients on their business opportunities and challenges, it helps considerably to have been in their ‘hot seat’. No different than many athletic coaches, if you have never ‘been up to bat’, it’s more difficult to advise others as how to best manage their businesses. We at MMS having spent the vast majority of our careers on the client side are thus used to dealing with many of the same types of issues our clients are experiencing. While every situation is unique, it is believed that our backgrounds provide clients with a more enlightened perspective regarding how we might improve their business performance.

Another reason why we feel we’re different than other firms is our past experiences with outside consultants. Too often we’ve seen consulting organizations provide clients with fancy charts and canned solutions that while looking attractive, don’t yield the results desired. Indeed a true test of any consultant is whether their proposals actually get implemented, as opposed to winding up collecting dust in a file cabinet. MMS’ commitment to our clients is not only to ensure that our recommendations are implemented, but that we deliver the results promised.

Finally for those firms who hire MMS, you will not simply see us when major presentations are delivered, only to find out that most of the work has been done in the backroom by relatively junior people. Everything that we do at MMS is performed by senior managers who have extensive experience at Fortune 500 companies. Similar to when there’s a serious health issue you want all the work done by highly trained medical professionals, at MMS all of the work we do on your behalf is performed by highly accomplished business leaders!

Thus at Management and Marketing Solutions, we differentiate ourselves versus the competition by offering the following:

Extensive client-side experience
Operational backgrounds
Pragmatic solutions designed specifically to the issues you face
Remaining part of projects until the recommendations are implemented
Having senior managers fully involved in all aspects of the projects assigned