Miller Lite -Why Restages Sometimes Fail–Part 2

Packaging restages have likewise experienced their share of issues when it comes to turning around a brand. Salon Selectives (where efforts were made to move away from the iconic pink and red bottles), Ice Breaker Pac (whose product and package design looked like an illegal substance), and white Coca-Cola polar bear cans (where consumers confused the package with Diet Coke), are all examples of failed packaging restages.  Likewise the well-publicized  package restage of Tropicana Pure Premium brand in 2009 led to an immediate drop in sales of 20 percent, for which Pepsi-Co had to quickly scramble to return to its former package design.


The new Tropicana Pure Premium packaging (right) had been on the market less than two months before the company scrapped the redesign.


Repositioning brands has likewise not always had the desired results of turning around sales.  Case in point have been the various attempts by P&G to reposition Pantene hair care products.  Among these was an attempt in 2010 to reposition the brand based on various hair types, while eliminating slower selling SKUs.  The result was a sharp drop in sales and the need to bring back some of the SKUs that P&G had dropped.

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