Miller Lite-Why Restages Sometime Fail-Part 4

In my last three blogs, we‘ve discussed some classic and some very expensive Brand Restage failures.  In our final blog, we close the loop on this discussion of how major brands from leading consumer package goods companies often get it wrong when it comes to conducting a brand restage.  What follows are the 7 critical steps it takes to get it right.  By following a few simple rules, it is possible to minimize errors and improve the chances of making the brand restage an unqualified success. 

1.   Never forget the root strengths of your brand for this is the very foundation on which the brand was born.

2.  Before embarking upon a brand restage, make sure it’s driven by a critical consumer insight, not just because the business had a recent rough period.

3.  Determine upfront what the true emotional connection is with the consumer and how this can be strengthened as part of the restage.

4.  While select design colors that build upon your Brand’s equity can be modified, those that are integral part of the Brand’s identity should be maintained.

5.  Carefully review your Brand’s advertising properties (creative elements that only your brand may own), before a decision is made to discard them.

6.  Ensure as part of the restage that there is some type of visual connection to how the brand was previously viewed by your target audience.

7. Gain the needed support from key company leaders to ensure that no roadblocks are encountered late in the game to minimize the impact of the restage.

Thinking about a restage of one or more of your brands.  Let us know if we be of assistance to avoid costly mishaps so you can achieve the profitable growth increase intended!



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