Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions


A critical undertaking for many firms involves potential mergers and acquisitions. Having the right strategy in place, and locating those companies one might wish to do business with, is crucial to the process.

At Management and Marketing Solutions, we have helped firms establish a select set of criteria to follow as they seek out potential acquisitions. While based on such items as gross margin, sustainable organic growth and performance that exceeds those of other firms in the industries that they compete in we attempt to go beyond this. Indeed it is our belief that culture and the associated chemistry of company management teams are critical components to making acquisitions work. Thus as part of the due-diligence work, MMS will also look at qualitative factors that contribute to successful business unions, a process we refer to as Comprehensive Business Valuation.

MMS has had the pleasure of working directly with companies who are seeking to add to their existing business through acquisitions, or through the formation of joint ventures. We have also worked with private equity companies and venture capital firms in various stages of the acquisition process.

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