Go-to-Market / Retail Implementation

Go-To-Market/Retail Implementation


Too often the best developed marketing plans are flawed by the way that they’re brought to the marketplace. Whether it’s launching a new product that requires special merchandising activities, or offering trade promotion programs whose complexity leads to abuse, these types of errors can lead to sub-par performance.

While these types of issues are difficult to deal with, they can be avoided through assembling plans consistent with industry standards and best practice. Indeed putting the proper guidelines in place can not only ensure greater compliance with the programs one establishes but if done correctly, can also improve relations with the retail trade.

At Management and Marketing Solutions, we have client side experience in how best to develop go-to-market and retail implementation plans that have proven themselves to be successful with major retailers. We will not only work with you on creating these plans, but will assist your Sales and Marketing teams on how best to bring them to your customers.