Cost Containment

Cost Containment


Whether a company finds itself competitive with other businesses is often determined by its ability to manage costs. The beauty of cost containment when done properly is the ability to cut waste and increase profitability almost immediately.

At Management and Marketing Solutions, we use a process called Big Scale Value Analysis where we analyze major cost components to determine the level of value each one provides When it is determined that the benefit derived is less than the cost, an assessment is made as to the value that would be provided if stripped out. Assuming that this can be accomplished without impacting quality, a plan is put in place to take out these costs.

Providing these analyses and recommendations are just the start of what we do at MMS. When approval is granted, we’ll work with client teams to take out these costs in an orderly and timely fashion. Indeed our track record of bringing these cost savings to the bottom-line, without disrupting other aspects of the business, has been clearly demonstrated with the various firms we have worked with.

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