About Management & Marketing Solutions, LLC

Management and Marketing Solutions is a full-service consulting firm that offers business management, marketing, and sales expertise to firms in a variety of industries. With MMS, you’ll have a management and marketing partner that truly cares about the success of your business. We will provide your company with the services typically associated with the large premier consulting firms, at a fraction of the cost.

What’s more we will take the time upfront to thoroughly understand your business, helping achieve the results you desire. Using a fact-based approach to positively influence results, we counsel organizations on how best to leverage their financial and people resources, aligned with their core competencies. Our proven process has consistently provided our clients with sensible solutions that deliver results!

MMS has extensive experience in improving the performance for a variety of industries – consumer goods, private equity, financial, telecommunications, e-commerce, consumer research, and payroll— by devising and implementing integrated strategies and operational initiatives. With an emphasis on assisting companies struggling with growth or early in their stage of development, MMS provides high impact, cost effective management and marketing programs, which deliver outstanding results.

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Among the range of services offered by MMS are the following: